Sam Wood

Inspired by The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Weezer, Sam Wood writes songs that stick to your mind. In a good way. Promise.

Sam’s your average tenth grade boy, tall and lanky. Watching sports, checking Instagram, and avoiding homework like the plague. But put him behind a piano or let him strap on a guitar, and something really cool happens. You find yourself smiling. Bobbing your head. And smiling some more. Whether it’s a song he wrote or one written by one of his heroes.

 “I’ve been writing, playing and singing for as long as I can remember,” Sam says. “It’s just what I do. It’s who I am.” To put some numbers on it, he started playing piano when he was 3, guitar in the 4th grade and drums in middle. So when he records, it’s him on all instruments.

Check out his single, I Don’t Care About Anything, or his other songs on You Tube and Sound Cloud. Be prepared to tap your toes and sing along. Maybe for the next few days.